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  • CCS Technology

    Control Systems Engineering

    CCS Technology Ltd have been designing and manufacturing advanced control system solutions for the automotive, aerospace, nuclear, water and manufacturing industries for over 25 years. Specialising in PLC, CNC and PC control of machinery and industrial equipment, CCS Technology are the ideal partner to provide advanced electrical engineering solutions and services to your organisation.

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  • PLC Solutions
    Purpose Built PLC Systems

    PLC systems are at the heart most industrial control systems and provide sequential and process control of industrial machinery with advanced features including Servo axis control and Integrated safety functionality. CCS Technology design control systems and provide engineering services using Siemens, Rockwell, Mitsubishi, Omron and Bosch Rexroth PLC systems.

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  • CNC Solutions
    Bespoke CNC Solutions

    Computer Numerical Control (CNC) systems are used to control multi axis machinery and robotic systems. CCS Technology design and manufacture purpose built CNC control systems using Siemens 840D, Bosch Rexroth MTX and Fanuc equipment.

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  • Servo Solutions
    Purpose built Servo Systems

    Motion controller based systems are ideal where high performance positioning or movement by AC servo systems is required for machinery, in particular robotics, machine tools and high speed packaging equipment. Motion controllers offer complex motion profiles, cam functions and interpolation for multiple axes systems. CCS Technology supply purpose designed and manufactured control systems for high speed industrial equipment using Motion Controllers and intelligent Servo system controllers.

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  • SyncroSpeed
    Injection Moulding Energy Saving

    CCS Technology developed the SyncroSpeed energy saving system to provide significant energy savings for Injection Moulding Machines. Our SyncroSpeed system is the single biggest energy saver the moulding industry can embrace, delivering energy savings up to 55%, reducing CO2 emissions whilst improving a company’s green credentials.

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  • PC Solutions
    Tailored PC Based Solutions

    PC Based control systems are suited where data acquisition and databases are required or where complex processes require modelling and controlling. PC Based solutions also benefit from the excellent graphical capabilities, database connectivity and data logging. Our PC Based control solutions often connect to SAP or MES systems and higher level manufacturing control systems.

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About CCS Technology

What we do and areas we cover

CCS Technology was established in 1988 and design and manufacture specialist control systems for industrial plant, machinery and equipment.
We work with machine builders and machinery end users, providing individual engineering services or a complete turnkey control system solution.
Our industrial experience includes:

  • Automotive assembly, machining and engine test systems
  • Aerospace machining, treatment and NDT inspection
  • Food processing, handling and packaging
  • Machine Tools and automated machinery
  • Automated packaging, palletising and warehouse systems
  • Rubber and Plastics
Heavy Engineering
  • Mining
  • Oil, gas and petrochemical
  • Water Treatment and distribution
Specialist Engineering
  • Nuclear and power generation Industry
  • Aerospace composite research



Latest News

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Heller Crank Mill Upgrade completed   

We have recently completed the control system replacement of a RFK200 Heller Crank mill. The original UniPro control system is now obsolete with continued support and servicing being a major problem. Our client is a prestige automotive component manufacturer and whilst the machine was still mechanically sound, the control system provided a constant headache with regular breakdowns and machine malfunctions. Over the course of the project, we completely removed the Read More


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