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Another Panel for JLR almost ready for dispatch

Richard is carrying out final quality checks prior to shipment of the latest control panel which will be heading to the new I-54 plant for Jaguar Land Rover. This control panel will be controlling a state of the art assembly machine used during the manufacture of JLR’s  new range of engines.  System Details  Controller:  Siemens S7 315-2PN/DP  Graphics:  MP277  Motion:Simotion S110/S120    

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Robotic Storage and Retrieval

The system provides automated storage and buffer facilities for 500 cylinder heads for a major engine manufacturer in the UK. Following completion of the cylinder head assembly process, cylinder heads are stored within this facility until such time as they are required for loading onto the engine block during engine assembly. View the video to see it in action!Each of the 4 robots has its own independent PC based control Read More

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Engine Hot Test System

We have been responsible for the control system design and software of several engine test facilities for automotive production facilities.The test systems include Can communications to engine management systems, control of fuel and water systems, Ignition and engine cranking operations, analogue sensor and high speed value processing, SCADA graphical interfaces and engine transducer monitoring and protection systems plus engine test parameters database handling.

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Automated Storage & Retrieval System

Two of these complete storage facilities have been installed for the storage of final assembly parts for a major automotive manufacturer. Each system is based around two robots, which handle the parts through different stages of the storage facility. The control system is based around a Schneider PLC system with Bosch Rexroth AC servo drives connected via InterBus-S. In addition to carrying out the servo axis positioning for the robots, the Read More