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Introducing a new generation of robotics

The BlackWidow is a 4 axis Delta robot kinematic controlled by a standard Rockwell ControlLogix programmable controller providing a flexible, expandable and maintainable approach to robotic systems. The BlackWidow robot is ideal for high speed single picking and toploading packaging processes. The parallel kinematic design is clean, fast and silent and controlled by an industry standard PLC system. Combined with a vision system, it can also be used for random and/or mixed product flow picking.

Black Widow


Flexibility, maintainability and adaptability

The Rockwell PLC system can control multiple robots together with conveyors, tooling and equipment. Interfacing to peripheral equipment such as machine vision systems, bar code readers etc. becomes straightforward. Maintainability of the equipment in enhanced as the need for a black box robot controllers are removed as the line control PLC system can now control the robot axis directly.

The Blackwidow robot solution offers flexibility, maintainability and adaptability which a regular dedicated robot cannot achieve. Uses: High speed packaging, sorting, quality control functions, high speed assembly, stacking and collating functions.


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