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PC Solutions

Bespoke Control Systems

PC based control systems are suited to applications where either data acquisition or large amounts of data are to be stored or recorded in the form of databases. We develop PC based applications using National Instruments Labview which provide excellent graphics and connectivity to databases and programmable controllers. We also develop machine control systems using TwinCat soft PLC which offer deterministic functionality with motion controller capabilities and advanced functionality for networking and remote access.

PC Based Solutions

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Recent PC Based Control Platforms
We develop PC based control solutions using:
Microsoft .Net 
PC Development

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MES/SAP Connectivity

Shop floor to Top floor Intelligence

CCS Technology specialise in providing that vital link between the shop floor PLC and CNC system to the factory Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES).


Our systems include product launch control, overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and performance trending, process data archiving, process variable trending, material tracking and traceability functionality.