The concept of Strategicity is discussed with senior execs from the plastics conversion industry at this years’ Executive Forum, Naples FL. Robert Knaster, SyncroSpeed VP Sales North America, challenged executives to embrace the issues of energy efficiency at the strategic level. No longer a necessary fixed cost to be endured by manufacturing operations, energy consumption and its reduction offer great scope in improving bottom line profits, improved competitiveness, and hedges against other unexpected cost pressures. The direct benefits of reducing energy costs can be significant in leveraging net margins, particularly so when a strategic approach calls for best-available technologies to be recognised and introduced within the structure of ongoing programmes in pursuit of Continuous Improvement and World Class Manufacturing.</p><!–mep-nl–><!–mep-nl–><p>A full review of energy reduction measures would also consider the Non Energy Benefits, where indirectly the attitude and process of seeking, analysing and delivering energy cost reduction initiatives has a follow through of benefits in other areas of the business. For example, motor speed control systems installed on an injection molding machine can save 20% – 50% of pump motor running costs, but they also reduce the noise of the motors and pumps, improving the working environment.</p><!–mep-nl–><!–mep-nl–>With a focus on improving the energy efficiency of injection molding businesses, Robert’s closing message to the Molding industry in the USA was to not only work better and quicker, but now a whole lot smarter with Strategicity.
Exec Forum learns about Strategicity