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From Concept to Shop Floor

From machine concept to the final thing. Talk to us at the early stages of any machine or equipment design, sometimes a good control system philosophy can reduce other aspects of the design and reduce the overall cost. We don't always have the answer immediately, but experience counts and with a little homework, we will help you find a control solution to suit the application. As detailed elsewhere on this website, we are happy to use any type of PLC system, we have working experience with the major manufacturers of CNC controls and have completed over two hundred projects using motion control and servo systems since 1988. We provide our services both on fixed price contracts or on a man day rate basis if preferred. Often, if a specification or machine concept does not exist, we can start the project on a man day or hourly basis. This allows our involvement at an early stage of the project. When the project reaches a stage that sufficient information is available to allow us to determine a scope of supply and the required deliverables, we are happy to provide a fixed price quotation.