Radiation Monitoring System

Since early in 2003 we have been working with a national power generating company to develop replacement control systems for outdated and hard to maintain plant and equipment. Much of the original equipment was developed in the late 1960’s, spares are becoming harder to source and the system was becoming more difficult to maintain.

The control for a gas monitoring system analyses a sample of the reactor coolant gas for raised levels of radiation particles. Any increase in gaseous activity would be identified and the control room informed for their attention.

As is rightly expected for this industry, extremely thorough procedures were applied throughout the design, verification and validation process. Additional working procedures were developed and added to our quality system specifically for Nuclear related projects.

CCS were responsible for design justification, electrical design, manufacture, software design, write and implementation together with validation of the control system.

System Details
Controller:  Allen Bradley ControlLogix
Drive systems:   Allen Bradley Panelview 600
Specialist:High integrity serial interfaces via MVI Module